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About The Mulch Center

The Mulch Center is a leading manufacturer and provider of premium landscaping materials and soil products in the Greater Chicago Area. We have several convenient locations for delivery and pickup offering a large  selection of mulch, soils and aggregates.


We are passionate for the reclaim and recycle of organics. Our model is simple, salvage from the earth what can be re-purposed into sustainable and viable organic amendments. In our recycle, we both reduce buildup in landfills and reintroduce vitality back into plant species through the cultivation of our mulch and soil products.


The Mulch Center accepts raw materials from tree care companies, landscape contractors and local municipalities. These raw materials provide the basis for our high quality organic products.


Our product line includes Premium Triple Ground Mulch which is perfect for protecting plants and retaining moisture in the soil. We also offer ASTM Certified Safe-T-Mat Playground Mulch which utilizes soft wood fibers for creating a safe environment for children to play in. If enriching a piece of your landscape is something you want to do, we recommend our Planting Bed Mix which is a mix of our screened topsoil, screened compost and leaf mulch.


The Mulch Center has been serving the residents and businesses throughout the North and North West communities of Greater Chicago, Illinois for over 18 years. With our outstanding customer service, we continue to strive towards meeting our customers’ needs by advocating proper green disposal and focusing on reducing overall environmental impact by cultivating plant life from its cycle of green waste.

About The Mulch Center

About The

Mulch Center

At Architerra Inc. during our day to day operations, we find our work creates large amounts of horticultural waste.


The Mulch Center has services to remove this debris and turn it over to their Recycling Facility. They turn waste into productive material.


Being a Green company, Architerra has found The Mulch Center to be a great problem solver and a valuable and helpful business partner!​




Ron Lester

President of Architerra, Inc.


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