Grinding & Screening

Grinder and  Screener in operation onsite.

Contractors and property managers alike can find themselves with large amounts of horticultural waste. These materials can be processed and utilized again. We have the equipment and knowledge to turn your waste products into high quality landscaping materials. Our grinding and screening service also includes a free evaluation.


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Grinding & Screening


Several years back we were faced with the dilemma of how to manage the expanding landscape waste generated from our landscape operations. This problem was magnified due to the additional log waste generated from ash tree removals as a result of the emerald ash borer.  We stockpiled large amounts of logs, and organic matter from our daily maintenance operations with no easy cost effective method for disposal. 


At this juncture, we contacted The Mulch Center to assist us with our waste/recycling operations.  We decided to better manage all our landscape waste by contracting out grinder services to grind our bulk landscape waste to reduce the volume and make it more economical to recycle it.  


Jim at The Mulch Center was very helpful in starting up our landscape waste grinding program which in turn was being reclaimed and recycled into compost. 


I highly recommend exploring these and other services offered by The Mulch Center to assist you with your operations today!


Best Regards,


Stephen Ames

Landscape Supervisor

Skokie Park District

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