Homeowner Delivery Instructions

How To Get Products Delivered To Your Home


To get your product delivered to your home, please follow these easy steps: 


1. Calculate how much product you will need. Use our Mulch Calculator to help you do this. 

Demonstration of how high 5 and 10 cubic yards of mulch is when delivered. Comparative is done with a 6-foot man.

Homeowner Delivery Instructions

We provide a wide variety of different kinds mulch, aggregates, soils, and composts. These can be delivered directly to your home. The Mulch Center specializes in timely and reliable delivery for any project, large or small. 


Nutrient rich organic mulch, compost and topsoil will not only improve the look of your landscape but also improve the health and appearance of your flowers, shrubs, plants and trees. Moisture retention and the natural release of nutrients are the two most cited benefits of properly spreading mulch around your plants.

Some Facts You Should Know...

 2. Choose type of products you want.

3. Call (847) 459-7200 to place your order.  At time of ordering we will go over the products and quantities needed for your project, schedule a delivery date and go over payment options (note: we accept all major credit cards).

Location Areas Commonly Used for Dumping

  • driveways
  • parking pads
  • garage skirts
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