Homeowner Services

Homeowner working in planting bed

One of the easiest and most cost effective ways to dress up landscaping around your home is to use mulch. Using mulch gives your home the additive architectural element of well-defined planting beds which is visually appealing. Mulch also adds beneficial nutrients to the soil which increases the health and beauty of plants, shrubs and trees. Overall, mulch can contribute significant value to your home.


Homeowners can pickup their products in bulk. To do so, you will need an open bed pickup truck or an open trailer because our bulk mulch and other products are loaded with a front end loader. Those who come to any of our yards can also stop in and view any of our products.

Homeowner Services

The Mulch Center is a local landscape supply company that specializes in manufacturing organic products throughout the Chicagoland area. This allows The Mulch Center to keep its costs low and pass the savings onto the homeowner. Our highly experienced staff is well trained and provides advice on the best products and quantities for your project.​

We deliver mulch, soil products, and aggregates to thousands of homes each year.  You can request our products to be delivered directly to you. Call (847) 459-7200 to schedule a delivery.

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