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Skokie Park District


Several years back we were faced with the dilemma of how to manage the expanding landscape waste generated from our landscape operations. This problem was magnified due to the additional log waste generated from ash tree removals as a result of the emerald ash borer.  We stockpiled large amounts of logs, and organic matter from our daily maintenance operations with no easy cost effective method for disposal. 


At this juncture, we contacted The Mulch Center to assist us with our waste/recycling operations.  We decided to better manage all our landscape waste by contracting out grinder services to grind our bulk landscape waste to reduce the volume and make it more economical to recycle it.  


Jim at The Mulch Center was very helpful in   starting up our landscape waste grinding program which in turn was being reclaimed and recycled into compost. 


I highly recommend exploring these and other services offered by The Mulch Center to assist you with your operations today!


Stephen Ames

Landscape Supervisor

Architerra Inc.


At Architerra Inc. during our day to day operations, we find our work creates large amounts of horticultural waste.


The Mulch Center has services to remove this debris and turn it over to their Recycling Facility. They turn waste into productive material.


Being a Green company, Architerra has found The Mulch Center to be a great problem solver and a valuable and helpful business partner!​


Ron Lester



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Moore Landscapes


I recently hired The Mulch Center to help clean up our yard. We had  piles of dirt gravel and organics. They came in with a large horizontal grinder, trommel  screener and support equipment. These raw materials were separated and then processed into quality products that we utilize in our operations. This saved us thousands of dollars in transportation, tipping fees and material cost, at the same time keeping it out of the landfill. They did a great job and we will continue to use their services.


Joel Korte
Chief Executive Officer

Mulch Center Logo inked to home page

Deerfield Park District


The Mulch Center has supplied Deerfield Park District with certified Playground and premium triple ground mulch, for the past 7 years. Their product quality, service and pricing are the best.


Jay Zaun

Deerfield Park District

Arlington Heights


Tatiana was a great salesperson and she made everything perfect from start to finish. Professional service and great prices and I will definitely be using them again. I highly recommend the Much Center!!


Cuono D.

Arlington Heights