Beautiful Blooms & Mulch Go Hand-In-Hand

Did you know that mulch inexpensively provides a way to upgrade the visual, environmental and economic attributes of your home?


  • Visually you will see the diversity and intensity of color, bountiful blooms, intense greens and the exquisite size of plantings contained within a properly mulched planting bed.


  • Environmentally mulch improves the fertility and health of soil, protects the roots of plants, bushes and trees. It also reduces weeds and unwanted grasses and plants.


  • Economically you get longer plant life, conservation of the precious resource of water and the recycling of useful organic wood waste.


 Here are some facts you should know...


  • The Mulch Center has been beautifying homes throughout the Greater Chicago area since 2005. 


  • The Mulch Center provides a several varieties of 100% organic mulch.


  • As a local manufacturer of mulch, The Mulch Center helps you save on your purchase because you are buying direct from us!


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Beautiful Blooms & Mulch Go Hand-In-Hand

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